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Could Factors Involving Electronic Evidence from a Digital Device Exonerate Your Client?

If so, partner with ITAcceleration Digital Forensics to help mount your best defense.

Technology and Digital Forensic Experts

ITAcceleration is a full-scale, state-of-the-art technology provider specializing in digital forensics and expert witness testimony. We have the experience and technology expertise to evaluate evidence, refute government reports, as well as find new evidence not previously disclosed and determine what really happened.

We Get to the Bottom of ‘How’

In past cases, we’ve seen evidence presented without an understanding of ‘How’. ‘How’ did the evidence get on the device, manipulated, deleted or modified? The government will move forward with cases merely at the presence of evidence. But once the ‘How’ is understood, the government’s findings can be called into question.

David Yarnall, CCE

David Yarnall, CCE

Director of Forensic Computing, Principal, IT Acceleration

Digital Forensics Criminal Defense Expert

A Certified Computer Examiner, David has over 30 years of Information Technology expertise and more than 15 years of experience assisting counsel and corporations. He has investigated and provided expert testimony on civil and criminal matters involving technology and electronic evidence.

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It’s NOT in the government’s interest to find evidence that could exonerate your client. ITAcceleration reviews all avenues to determine proper procedure, thorough review, misstatements, and evidence handling. Sign up for a new monthly newsletter to stay informed of new criminal defense forensic cases, technology updates impacting you and your clients, and much more.

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Don’t Allow the Government to Steamroll Your Client

The evidence may seem daunting or confusing without a proper explanation. But technology is riddled with variables. The government’s case needs to be reviewed objectively to determine negligence, undisclosed activity and evidence, potential tampering and misleading statements. There may be alternatives than merely allowing the government to present evidence, subjecting your client to a plea deal or worse.

Digital Evidence Makes a Difference in Defending Your Client

Whatever the accusations – text messages, emails, photos, videos or other digital evidence may have been involved. Identifying gaps in the process by the government, and then finding new, compelling digital evidence to form a reasonable doubt can change the outcome of your next case.

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David Yarnall, CCE
Director of Forensic Computing, Principal, ITAcceleration

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